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Long before Peter Pan met Wendy, Tinker Bell had a story of her own.

Fleeing Neverland, Tinker Bell and her friends find refuge in

London’s Kensington Gardens alongside a group of fairies as alike

as they are different. As outcasts so far from home, they must face

the challenges of a new world and use their unique talents and collective strength to overcome adversity.

Set during the scientific revolution of Victorian England, Tink’s

actions bring a common enemy to their door and our heroes must

take control of the dire situation before they are discovered, and

their way of life destroyed forever.

This groundbreaking new musical sets out to challenge hearts and minds in a moving reflection of the modern day, presented in a fairytale Victorian world of magic and wonder.

Discover something incredible in Tinker Bell the Musical.

Do you believe in fairies?

In August 2021 we spent a week with an incredible, talented and diverse team of cast and creatives, workshopping Tinker Bell.

The week culminated in a performance for industry professionals with the goal of further script, character and music development. The reaction to Tinker Bell’s story was overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve spent the last 2 years fine tuning the production for the next stage.


See you there!

Written by:
Ryan Carey-Hills & Lauren Hendricks

Workshop Director:

Lisa Millar

Matt Brinkler

Workshop General Management:
Jack Maple

“WOW! Fabulous cast, stunning music and super funny!”

“One of my favourite things was seeing the joy the show brought the cast. Can't wait to see what’s next for this show!”

“Well, Tinker Bell was pretty fabulous! The music is stunning. It’s something special”

“Tinker Bell the Musical is magical and so wonderfully inclusive. Just what the industry needs. Representation matters!”

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