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"She dwelt in the forest; a vast place fit for her profession.

What she committed there in her time, no man knows..."

In 1612, 80 years before Salem, witches were believed to have been discovered in Pendle, England. ‘Wytch' is based on this true story; giving a voice to the accused, and bringing injustice, misconception, and the hardest truths to light.


Among the ten accused witches: a noblewoman single-handedly running her late husband’s estate; four members of the same family, including a young lad with Down’s Syndrome; and those simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.


With a facial disfigurement and fiery temper, Elizabeth Device was feared across Pendle. When she came to receive her trial, a key witness was brought to testify against them all... the woman’s own daughter, nine year old Jennet - who condemned twelve ‘witches’ to hang, including her own family. 


Were their powers real? Were they “in league with the Devil?” The audience decides. 


Wytch’s female-led story explores themes that are still prevalent today: the persecution of strong-willed women and anybody considered ‘different’

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