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Banbury Cross is a happy, crime free town until Humpty is found dead near his wall. It soon becomes clear that a firm hand took Humpty from behind, and it falls to Detective William Winkie to solve the mystery. When the murderer strikes again (and again), and his previous experience consisting of jam tart thefts and three anthropomorphic bears, Winkie has to suspect “fowl” play, “unscramble” the mess, and “crack” the case.


Sly Mr. Wolf is in a huff, poor Hilary just wants a rhyme of her own, and Little Bo is losing her mind as well as her sheep. What was the Gingerbread Man running away from? Is Hansel & Gretel’s sudden arrival in Banbury Cross not the innocent holiday they would have us believe? Or perhaps Old Mother Hubbard is hiding something far more sinister in her cupboard? Anyone in Banbury Cross could have done it, and Winkie worries that his capabilities as a detective are somewhat lacking. With the smart and sassy Goldie Locks assisting him, Winkie is confident he won’t be outed as a fraud, until she is kidnapped and he is left without his right hand woman.


Winkie must begrudgingly team up with Mr. Wolf and, with the help of our most beloved and well-known Nursery Rhyme characters, is launched into a dramatic race against time before the murderer gets their hands on another character and ‘pop goes the weasel’. An explosive finale at the Gingerbread House reveals the killer’s identity, and Humpty can finally rest in pieces.

"Catchy songs, heaps of innuendo, and witty dialogue... Pure delight!"

- Remotegoat

"The hot Fringe story of the year"

- Evening Standard (listed as one of the Top Ten off-West End shows

"Nursery Crimes is poised for great commercial success. A fun spoof that is charming and intelligent. 'Film Noir' meets 'Mother Goose' - I love this show!"

- John Sparks, Tony Award winning writer and dramaturg

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